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This has to be short, but I wanted to say this:

I’m up to the halfway mark on the NaNoWriMo Challenge for 2011, with 12 days to go, and am wondering if I’m doing the right thing.

I wanted to enter the Challenge and, quite honestly, it’s been good for me. I think that what attracted me was that it seemed like an ideal situation for someone who gets obsessed with a project, and I do more often than necessary. To paraphrase the late (but great) Charlton Heston, “. . .when they pry my keyboard from my cold cold hands. . .” (Imagine this in a baritone roar, which is a range I can’t reach.)

I have so far learned a few things I probably should have known or understood originally. 1–Open in your favorite word processor program and just write away, adding new stuff every day and saving it all in one folder. From there, it’s possible to copy and paste segments that will go to your NaNoWriMo site as excerpts.

2–Copy and Paste are functions I still have trouble with. I should have mastered them before I started.

3-I’m remaining true to myself. I use a blog theme called “Chapters” precisely because just the idea of keeping track of the pages represented by 50,000 words drives me crazy. Even my notes for this novel, written in longhand, have an organizational flow that helps me review or find things that might be repetitions or errors.

4-Every day I want to re-write what I’ve already written, so the exercise is to push forward, not backtrack.

5-The title of the novel started out as “Pan Am Tapestry,” referring to the different locations in the Americas where the story takes place. But of course, now I want to change even that. Too late!

6. I’m very glad I have a painting studio upstairs. I bought some new brushes for acrylic painting and am trying them out while working on two different paintings (NOT simultaneously, of course!), and this activity greatly reduces the pressure cooker feeling in my head, when I want to writeandwriteandwriteandwriteand. . .. you get the picture, and see the Heston quote above.

7-If nothing else, this could be an excersise to cure me of obsessions.

But I doubt it.

So anyway, for those interested, look for www.apricotanderson.wordpress.com/panamtapestry and tell me what you think.


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