The NaNoWriMo

I couldn’t resist entering The National Novel Writing Month challenge when I saw a blog for it in October, and I’m glad I signed up. I hope I make it to the established goal of 50,000 (yes, fifty thousand) words by the time this is over.

I do have some doubts here and there and have started to make little mental notes about the things I want to change in the editting process later, but meanwhile, I feel good about all this. I’ve really needed to sit down and just WRITE without worrying about anything else, and now I’m doing it.

Of course, this means that the follow-up to “Letter to Linda 1” is not off the starting line yet. I have photos and an outline, but after working on the Novel Challenge each day, the creative juices are at a low ebb. Please be patient, because I will be back with that.

In the meantime, please go to my other blog to read each chapter of “Pan Am Tapestry” and comment on it, if you wish. The link is  Thanks!


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