I’m New to This. . .


I’ve decided to join Post A Week to push myself to keep writing. I keep a diary but in the last few months, I’ve become lazy and I don’t write. On the other hand, sometimes I don’t write because I’m so angry or frustrated about something that I have to ignore the subject for a while.

At the same time, I wrote a novel and almost got it published. In the process, I worked on the notes and drafts for the second novel (related to the first, in fact), so I burned out for a while. I did other things.

But NOW. . .!

Now I want to return to writing. I also want to participate in the National Novel Writing Month marathon, and feel this is good exercise.

I think I should also explain from the beginning that I live in Bogotá, Colombia, and elections for Mayor take place on 30 October. I’m not a political animal, but I do comment on those things sometimes. Consequently, my references are based on where I live and what’s going on around me. I write in English because I’m a US citizen and this is my native language. I can write in Spanish with no problem, and eventually, I’ll probably blog in that language. But in the meantime, I’ll continue with English.

But if anyone wants to know how well I write in Spanish, please let me know. I am much easier to understand than the generic Spanish used by the online automatic translators. Trust me on that.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to participating in the Post-A-Week as well as the NaNoWri-Mon in Nov(ember). I hope you find my posts interesting.


Metta Anderson



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