Bright Star

Yesterday I went to see Jane Campion’s 2009 movie, “Bright Star,” about the poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne. Exquisite as well as fascinating and extraordinary. At the end, most of the audience stayed right through to the very last frame, listening to Ben Wishaw recite the poem “Bright Star” in its entirety. Its translation into Spanish as a subtitle ran in the lower left corner of the screen. (We were all in Theater 5 of the Andino multiplex, here in Bogotá.)

Of the many factors that produced and created this marvellous film, the acting and directing must rank very high on the list. The story itself is almost negligible, and yet we all sat there completely immersed in Fanny’s careful sewing, Keats trying not to cough, the pauses in the speeches while both the actors and the audience wait for the next word. . . It doesn’t sound like much, and yet, it really was a lot.

For those who didn’t see it, look it up. Watch it. For those who did, see it again. It is NOT time wasted.


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