Coming Soon, I hope

Last weekend I went to the final Live HD broadcast of the Metropolitan Opera. This time, the spectacular production was “Die Wälkure,” the second in the four-opera cycle by Richard Wagner known as “The Ring of the Niebellung.” The cycle itself is considered Wagner’s crowning achievement because it encompasses much of his personal as well as artistic philosophies, but I’d rather not go into all that here.
What I want to do is write about “Die Wälkure” in more detail, but I’m saving that and hope to do it in the next few days.

Second, the publication of my novel, NOVELESCO: A Woman’s Life as Fiction,” is also on hold for the moment. This solves the pre-publication jitters, for the time being.

Writers are often told (or used to be told) that, after they finish the book, they should put it away for six months or so. Don’t look at it. Do something else. In short, GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK!

So that’s what I’m trying to do. I have obsessive personality traits and setting aside a novel after two years is causing a certain amount of withdrawal. However, I plan to keep writing and even re-take a couple of formats that interest me, and I want to paint and work with digital photography. I know I’ll be writing about these things as they happen.


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