My Image and I

(C) 2011 by Metta Anderson – All Rights Reserved

In November 2010, the Museo Nacional in Bogotá sent out an announcement to its Association of Friends that the Museo would co-sponsor with the Universidad Externado a 3-day conference called “This Is My Image,” on the conservation and preservation of photographs. The speaker and leader would be Dr. Debra Norris, from the University of Delaware. I signed up almost immediately. The following entries over the next few days will be my log of the event.

DAY 1 — Lunch at El Corral Gourmet
(The conference is being held in the Auditorium of the Bank of the Republic’s Art Museum. Two stories above us is the Man Ray Exhibition.)
So far, I’ve taken some pictures with the Pentax and Kodak Portra 400NC. Planned to take something of the plazoleta in front of the Juan Valdez Café at 9 a.m. and the light was just right. I had forgotten how exquisite the morning light can be in Bogotá, “up here in the hill country” (ho-ho-ho). But the conference attendees were all outside the Museum’s entrance door, ruining the composition. Maybe I can get something tomorrow.

During the break, I shot the monolith in the Museum’s patio, even tho’ it had clouded over. However, I hope the light was just a smooth shadowless color that will emphasize the architectural elements.

When we broke for lunch, it was raining. Got a couple of things of the wading (reflecting) pool at the Centro García Márquez in the rain. BEAUTIFUL colors!

As for the conference itself, I haven’t quite decided. A “con”–the seats in the auditorium! Rock hard and poorly designed for ANY anatomy! A “pro”–excellent sightlines, good sound and the simultaneous translator(s) have a nearly soundproof booth at the rear. Excellent idea!

Gut Reactions: A) Ñah-ñah-ñah, I know more about photography than I realized. Debra Norris understands photo chemistry really really well!
B) HOLY SHIT! My family is just one big collection of [maybe anal-retentive] photo MAVENS!!! I mean in particular Grandpa Conrad, Great-grandpa (Olds), Dad and GaGa. Ansel Adams’ got nuthin’ on us!!!
These “personal collections” entered museums in pristine condition (R. E. Olds Museum, in Lansing, MI; Michigan State University’s History Museum, East Lansing, MI; State of Michigan Historical Museum, Lansing, MI).
C) I am truly amazed that no mention is made of Eastman Kodak. True enough, it enjoyed a vast monopoly but its research, development and sale of products make it possible for so much photography to remain in existence. At the same time, Ms. Norris may not be aware of the genuine international reach of the “Great Yellow Father” in Colombia and most of Latin America. That photography did not develop as rapidly as it did in the US has almost everything to do with LOCAL socio-economic conditions, which are complicated even for people living here, and more so for any foreigner.
More to write, but it’s 2 p.m. and time to go back for more!


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