Also on The Road

This is just the germ of an idea, but I just finished Kerouac’s “On the Road,” followed by a book of essays regarding the author and his influences. Very very enlightening. But I was left with the following idea–Why is it that, when women are portrayed as “on the road,” we get Thelma and Louise and a mutual suicide pact? I drove (or rather, my mother drove, til I got my license) from Michigan to Houston, to Washington, D. C., to Arizona, all over the State of Michigan and to Wisconsin and back. I drove alone in a Jaguar XJ 7 from Los Angeles to Chicago and Ohio and then to Michigan. I’ve travelled through Colombia in big buses. I haven’t killed myself. In fact, being on the road is a very liberating experience. I think that’s what fascinated my mother. I just like to look at the passing scene and make notes about it in my head.
I hope to explore this idea in January. Happy New Year!


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