Das Rheingold: The Aftermath

(C) 2010 by Metta Anderson – All Rights Reserved

The Ring Cycle is really a trip through Wagner’s mind.

Watching the Met’s new and breathtaking version, I can see all (or at least a lot) of the layers and meanings built into the work.

The music still makes me cry.

As before, the number of people of my generation attending this performance (en diferido, not live) is comforting and impressive. Surprising, at first, too. I’ve been led to believe that half my generation had decamped to the US, for one reason or another. If they did, well, they’re back!

It’s like we left Woodstock in 1969, wandered around for a Biblical 40 years or so, and then stumbled into the Metropolitan Opera, which has “married” NFL Films. The Live HD broadcasts are an extended wedding reception.

We’re just as enthusiastic as ever (James Levine is the “new” Jimi Hendrix?), although a little more polite. Certainly “the crowd went wild” at the end of Das Rheingold, but limited itself to stomping the floor, cheering and clapping for many very long minutes.

But I mean, my GOD! it’s Bryn Terfel (as Wotan) and those Rhine Maidens were just the coolest thing (did you know that fishnet could stretch like that!?), and WOW! the LASERS!!! When was the last time we saw something so– I mean, WOW!!!

But I can’t remember ’cause. . . I think the last time. . .? I was stoned . . .?

So Das Rheingold is a hit, big time–spellbinding, absorbing and musically enthralling!

Can’t wait for Die Walküre in May!

But at some point, maybe halfway through this three-hour/no intermission production, I started to think, “I want to write for the opera. I wish I could write for the opera” (lyrics and story) and “try to write so that they can use my words for an opera, and it’s like Wagner.”

And then I probably fell asleep again, although I really didn’t sleep. I’d drift off into some part of my brain containing images and movement and voices and things like that. In a semi-awake state, my brain’s production blended with Wagner’s music and dominated the opera’s visuals (on the screen).

TV ad: (visual): egg frying in hot pan.

VO: “. . .your brain on drugs. . .”

My Reality: Wagner’s music and voices under really original images in my head.

VO: Your brain on the Metropolitan Opera.

(C) 2010 by Metta Anderson – All Rights Reserved


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