Woodstock Opera

My generation left Woodstock (NY) in 1969 and, somewhat Biblically, wandered around for the next 40 years until–miracle of miracles–The Metropolitan Opera began its worldwide Live HD broadcasts. Great music, great sound, great voices. And let’s face it–isn’t it better to enjoy all this in comfortable chairs and under a roof? Who would have guessed this would happen to us?  (C) 2010 by Metta Anderson – All Rights Reserved



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2 responses to “Woodstock Opera

  1. Hello this post is not really good. Can you comment me any related articles?

    • Dear Jessy–

      Thank you for writing. The short post “Woodstock Opera” was written in haste on Saturday night, after sitting through the delayed Metropolitan Opera broadcast of Wagner’s “Das Rheingold.” I love Wagner, I love opera and seeing the Met’s international HD broadcast always gives me an emotional charge. At the same time, I sit in a theater with people who are clearly my age or older, and I know that they too were at the Embajador Theater in 1970 watching “Woodstock, the movie” and getting so stoned I’m surprised we made it home afterward. (If you haven’t seen this movie, rent the DVD and watch it on a wide-screen TV with a good sound system.) As for related articles, I can only refer to my own, as I have not seen anyone of my generation wanting to admit that we–as a group–might be looking for that Woodstock experience again.
      Thanks again for your comment!
      Metta Anderson

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