On Writing a blog. . .


This will be quick.

I always say that and then I run on for pages.

I really don’t understand blogs. I don’t consider them diaries. I write one, by hand, almost every day. What I put in there is private, and I want to keep it that way. Some things just should be kept private.

Therefore, a blog must be the individual’s forum to express one or more ideas, and I can live with that. (If anyone has a better definition, please let me know. As I say, I’m new at this.)

My credentials—I have a B.F.A in Studio Art from Michigan State University. I have a little more than 20 years of exhibition experience (group and individual shows) in the US and in Colombia, where I live with my dogs. But I have been writing and telling stories since I was a child, and I’ve been published, mostly in the US.At the moment, I’m working on a novel, but it’s going slowly. I spent a few days mentally “stuck” in East Lansing, Michigan, (where I grew up) in 1960. You know that dreadful cinematic cliché—“it’s all coming back to me now. . .” Well, it is! And I’m amazed at what I remember!

Things I like—reading; painting; doing fine art photography (I have my own darkroom; my relationship with digital photography requires a separate explanation); movies (about which I will probably write a great deal); going out to dinner (and lunch, sometimes). I’m not big on shopping, not because I’m a feminist but because there are usually a lot of other things I’d rather do. Also, I am part of a generation that grew up dealing with the nice ladies at Saks and Jacobson’s who actually knew their customers, knew the inventory, dressed like ladies, and could help their customers find just the right dress, skirt, blouse, sweater, shoes, brassiere or whatever. (Huge contrast with the sweet young things populating Saks and Nieman’s and Bergdorf’s these days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I’m not interested in dealing with these little girls who know clothes by their labels and assume that skinny celebrities are the only ones who can afford the literal rags being offered.

And another thing I like is walking my dogs. (I’m trying to keep this upbeat and not go into a rant.)

I also write in Spanish, so if you see my name attached to a blog in a language you don’t understand, relax. It’s me, but in Spanish.

I can’t promise a blog a week, but I’ll try to write on a regular basis.

Til then, see you!


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